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Do You Dream Of Living In A Space That Projects Your Personality, Style And Individuality

But Also Offers You Practical And Sustainable Solutions?

At MJ Minard Pty Ltd our design and construction services are supported by a set of quality principles ensuring we maintain a client-focus in the delivery of each and every project, no matter how small or how large. We are driven to not only meet our customers’ needs, but to surpass their expectations in every area of the building process.

Family living space requirements change over time, and for a wide variety of reasons – babies arrive, children grow-up and leave home, elderly relatives move in – the list is endless. Whatever your reason for re-evaluating your living space, we can help you design and build practical solutions for your particular situation.

Whether it’s building a complete new home, a first floor addition, ground floor extension, renovating, remodelling or modernising an existing home, or creating a deck and outdoor family living area, we work in close consultation with our clients throughout each stage of the project.

MJ Minard are renowned throughout Sydney for delivering top quality construction and finishing whatever the size of the project. From adding an extra family room, bathroom, study, or bedroom with ensuite, to designing and building a brand new home, you can be sure MJ Minard will deliver – on time, and on budget.

New Homes
In housing terms, building a brand new home is arguably the ultimate way in which you truly can express your dreams in a manner unmatched by first floor additions, ground-floor extensions or full renovations. Unrestrained by the size, shape or fabric of an existing property, building a new home is your chance to design every little detail, every room, every fixture, every fitting, every convenience, every surface and every finishing touch – just as you want them, without compromise.

Whether you’re building your dream home on a green-field site, or embarking on a full knock-down rebuild on an existing site, MJ Minard’s expertise will help you navigate every stage of the process. At the beginning, if you need help with creating a design, our affiliated architect can work with you and draw up detailed design plans. Alternatively, bring along your own architect-designed plans and we’ll work from them. Throughout the build process we’ll liaise with your local council to ensure all inspections, documentation and submissions are made at the appropriate time to avoid or minimise any delays to the build schedule. Our expert tradesmen will quickly and efficiently construct a quality home, built to Australian standards and incorporating all of the features you’ve selected and requested – creating a space you’ll be proud to call home.

What are some of the benefits of building a new home?

  • Everything is exactly where you want it – it’s your design
  • Unlimited scope for incorporating a full range of environmentally friendly features and attributes
  • Likely to encounter less unforeseen problems than with additions/extensions
First Floor Additions
When the only way is up, we design and build ‘additions’. First floor home additions, also known as second storey home additions, are the industry terms for extending your existing home upwards. This home expansion method very often represents a practical and economical way to increase the value and enhance the appeal of your current home. Not everyone is aware that a first floor addition doesn’t simply create more space to be used upstairs. Designed correctly, with well thought-out features, an ‘addition’ will have a huge positive effect on living space throughout the whole house. For example, moving bedrooms, a study or the family bathroom upstairs, opens up considerable space below, enabling a redesign and expansion of downstairs living areas – imagine your home with a bigger kitchen, home-theatre, downstairs cloakroom or utility room. Does your existing house have any of Sydney’s magnificent views – beaches, landmarks, parkland or ocean – to take advantage of if only you were a bit higher up? A first floor addition can open up available views to you. MJ Minard are recognised experts in designing and building first floor additions.

What are some of the benefits of a First Floor Addition?

  • Practical way to get a ‘new home’
  • Economical way to add value to your home
  • Effective way to generate more living space for your family
  • Makes the most of any available views
  • No loss of outdoor living space
  • You don’t have to move home, or leave the area
  • Maintain children’s school zone
  • You can continue to live in your home while building is in progress
Ground Floor Extensions
Ground floor extension is the industry standard term for expanding your living space outwards, rather than upwards. This represents another great way to create more living space for your family in a practical and affordable way. It’s also another proven cost-effective method of increasing the value of your home. Ground floor extensions are ideal for families who need more space but don’t want stairs. Extensions are also perfect where the requirement for extra space is restricted by a conflicting desire to maintain the existing street-front appearance of the building (e.g. Federation houses and townhouses). Depending on the size of the extension, it’s often less expensive to build out rather than up. When you need a ground floor extension, call the experts at MJ Minard.

What are some of the benefits of a Ground Floor Extension?

  • Practical way to get a ‘new home’
  • Economical way to add value to your home
  • Effective way to generate more living space for your family
  • Avoids introducing stairs into your home
  • Maintains street-front appearance of your home
  • Stay in the house and area you call home
  • Children stay within existing school zone
  • Dependant on extension’s size it can be less expensive than building upwards
  • You can continue to live in your home while building is in progress
Renovations can typically be separated into two distinct categories: complete makeover and internal makeover. Also known as remodelling, a renovation is a highly effective way of both modernising and increasing the value of your home. A complete makeover involves changes to both the external and internal features of the home. An internal makeover, as the name suggests, involves changes only to the internal features – although these can be significant. The most popular areas of a home for renovation are the kitchen and bathroom – both rooms which show their age the quickest. However, renovations come in all shapes and sizes and can be as simple as repainting and modernising various aspects of a home, to a fully-fledged adjustment of all the internal dimensions (e.g. knocking down walls and changing room sizes). Well-planned renovations will enhance the liveability of your home and increase your enjoyment of its spaces. Renovating can be a great way to give a home more buyer-appeal when it comes to selling, and the improved selling price will often more than cover the costs involved. If you’re planning on renovating or remodelling your home, talk to the experts at MJ Minard to find out what’s both feasible and cost-effective.

What are some of the benefits of a Renovation?

  • Minimal, if any, changes to the external dimensions of your home
  • Economical way to add value to your home
  • Practical way to modernise your home
  • Effective way to redefine your maximise your family’s living space
  • Remain in the home you love and the area you’ve chosen
  • Your children won’t have to change schools
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  • All you ever hear about builders are the horror stories, so when we decided to rebuild our nasty ‘60s redbrick, we were prepared for the worst.

    Then we found Matt Minard. Not only did he bring the job in under budget, he finished the house with such precision and care that even my (superbly anal) husband couldn’t pick a fault.

    The big issue for us was that we were trying to build the ‘oldest house in Arcadia.’ We already had a beautiful cottage on the property, built from old sand stocks, so this reno had to be enormously sympathetic. We got more than sympathetic, we got a house that generations to come will love and want to preserve.

    We thought long and hard about how to write this testimonial. By being honest, you’d probably think it’s all too good to be true. Truth is if you want a really honest builder, who cares about the job, and hires like-minded contractors, Matt’s your man.

    Far from being the train-wreck that everyone told us it would be, we actually miss having Matt, Daniel and all the guys round here. As does Freya, our dog.

    It was a very real pleasure; if you want to see the quality of the craftsmanship that Matt produces, then just come and see our beautiful new (old) house.


  • Thank you for the fantastic job you and your team did on building our deck and creating a fantastic family living area that we have used many times already.

    Your creative ideas and options on making our space the most usable area possible were greatly appreciated. Kathleen especially loves the thick hardwood bench you suggested outside the window.

    The quality of your work is excellent including the fit and finish of the bi-fold doors and windows, the beautiful hand nailed hardwood decking, and the brilliant zoned down lighting.

    You and your team are an absolute pleasure to deal with and were always on time and kept commitments made to us. That is very rare these days amongst the trades.

    Having seen your high quality work at numerous other jobs you have done, and now ours, we will definitely be using you and your team again in the future (hopefully early next year actually). Furthermore we have no hesitation on recommending you and your team to others.

    John & Kathleen

  • I am delighted and honoured to have been asked to provide this Testimonial. Matt has been an acquaintance of mine for over 3 years. We first met at one of his previous jobs, while he was completing a house on Bradford Street in Balmain. I have been very fortunate to be able to continue our association, and watch his progress as he has completed a succession of Projects since then.

    Matt is a reliable, honest and considerate person. He is committed to his Profession and extremely passionate about all aspects of Building, which enables him to apply himself fully to every undertaking. Respect, integrity and trust have been the basis of establishing and moulding his character, and he passes on these values daily in his contact with his Clients as well as his Team of Tradesmen.

    He is one of those people, who believes in considering others before himself. As a Builder, he has the valuable ability to truly listen, and then offer well thought out advice without telling you simply the things that you would like to hear. By using initiative, research and thinking outside of the square he is often able to present several suggestions for problems that appeared unsolvable.

    Matt is continually positive and puts every effort into being supportive and encouraging, while making the Construction process as stressfree as possible. He is the type of person who gets along with people from every demographic, and has the ability to make both his Team feel valued and Clients feel special.

    Throughout the entire Construction process, not a day went by without several Tradesmen on Site. Understanding the importance of his Client’s time, while not compromising quality, Matt was able to complete our Project on Schedule and Budget. I could not be happier with the quality and finish of his Team’s work, and the completed Job overall.

    Matt has many outstanding attributes, but his broad and varied knowledge of Building and Construction, combined with his professional enthusiasm stand out as his strengths. As a Client, I can honestly say that my daily contact with Matt made this potentially very stressful time in my life a positive experience.

    Not only can I highly recommend Matt Minard as a Builder, but would definitely, and without hesitation use him again to manage the Construction of any of my future properties. Additionally, I would be pleased to provide a verbal reference at any time.

    Positive Feedback